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Housing White Paper – Our View

The government’s long awaited (and regularly delayed) Housing White Paper was published this week with the hope of “resetting” the housing landscape for the next 10 years. With ongoing concerns of housing under supply, green belt release issues and a fair deal for tenants the anticipation of a “ground breaking” report was reasonably high.

In the end the paper which contained a total of 29 separate recommendations/proposals can best described as disappointing and half hearted. Whilst we continue to applaud the government’s wish to bring more institutional investment into housing (predominately through PRS), the announcements of more support for small builders and increasing densities in urban areas the paper will NOT tackle the main issue of housing under supply. Until we radically review how we treat the green belt, our outdated view on garden villages and the “archaic” planning system we continue to suffer with the supply of housing will continue to fall behind supply resulting in rising prices.

Indeed former Tory housing minister Grant Shapps highlighted the day after the release of the paper that this continued “tinkering” as he calls it is unlikely to make any real difference to the issues the housing market already faces. He also reiterated his belief that we need to start building garden villages with at least 100,000 homes rather than the planned 10/15,000 home villages we are proposing at present.

For more details of the Housing White Paper click here

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