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Liverpool Selective Licensing Scheme

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Liverpool’s Selective Landlord Licensing scheme launched on 1st April 2015.

The new legislation is compulsory and requires all private landlords to hold a licence.

The 2004 Housing Act requires that the Council can only grant a license to the most appropriate person and they must be in control of the property.  There is no definitive guideline; however in a meeting with Liverpool City Council on 26th February 2015 they stated the most appropriate person would be the person/company responsible for collecting the rent and approving the repair process.  They accepted that in the case of Managing agents this would be a delegated authority with a spend limit in accordance with the contract in place between the landlord and the managing agent.  Liverpool City Council also stressed that in the event of a property falling into disrepair and appropriate remedial action not being undertaken by the agent or the landlord, Liverpool City Council would prosecute both parties.

Liverpool City Council state that they will not grant a license to a property owner who is not in control of their property for rent collection, repair reporting or managing problem tenants through the Anti-social behaviour order process.

City Residential along with other major letting agents in the City have been in discussions with Liverpool City Council since last year trying to reach an agreement that will benefit our landlords and make the transition to becoming a ‘licensed’ landlord run more smoothly.  One of the concessions that we have agreed is that by being a regulated agent in an approved scheme the cost of the license will be reduced to our clients from £400 to £200 per property.  The reduced cost is exclusive to regulated agents. City Residential are a licensed regulated member of ARLA so a discounted fee will apply for landlords who let their properties with us.

Phase one of the registration process must have been done by 1st April 2015.  The initial registration includes brief property details and details of the license holder.  We will register every property with City Residential as the license holder. This is a mandatory registration and failing to register a property could result in prosecution.

We are working hard to ensure that the impact on our landlords and the financial implications are kept to a minimum.

If you require any further information in regards to Landlord Licensing or want to speak to someone about transferring the management of your property to us then contact us today we would be delighted to assist you.