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Katie Chidlow (Renewals Administrator) speaks to Sophie Hughes about her 13 years renting with City Residential

  • How long have you been a tenant of City Residential?
    I have been a tenant with City Residential since 2003 first at The Collegiate on Shaw Street and since 2004 at The Symphony on Stowell Street.
  • How did you first hear of City Residential?
    I can’t remember exactly about how I heard about City Residential but I do remember thinking that you seemed to have made inner city living a speciality which I liked
  • Do you enjoy living in the City Centre?
    Yes, I’ve always lived in the City Centre more or less.  My grandparents lived in Great George’s Street by China Town.  I grew up in a street off Park Road and my paternal family had lived there since 1874.  So I am a real Liverpool Urbanite.
  • What is your favourite feature of your apartment / what made you choose your current building?
    I chose the apartment because it’s between the Philharmonic Hall and the Everyman Theatre and I love going to the theatre.  The apartment was not long converted when I first moved in so was fresh and new.
  • What is your favourite aspect of City Centre living?
    It has been fascinating to watch the change in the area, when I first moved here it was quite quiet now it’s quite manic at times.  I like that, it’s been wonderful to see Liverpool changing so positively. I like being able to get to most places without a car and being able to enjoy the restaurants and shops.  Being so close to my work is also very useful.
  • How have you found renting with City Residential?
    I always enjoy speaking to the team there as they are always very helpful.  I have no hesitation in recommending City Residential to friends and family.

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